Into the official

This ICO only supports BTC participation. The private-key seed and private address used in this tutorial are intended for educational use only, and should not be used for BTC participation in this ICO.

1. First look at the ICO rules for ICO-related information

icoe1 icoe2

2. Understand and read the Seed Round ICO Rules and click “Now participation“.


3 to enter the participation interface, check the “Read and agree Inchain Seed Round Ico Crowdfunding Details Rules“, or can not generate private key seed and ICO participation address.


4. Click “Generate my private key seed”, then you will get your private key seed, special attention: the private key seed once lost will not be recovered, please save your private key seed.


Recommended to save the private key method: Create a local file in this article, copy the private key seed, the private key to copy the text file to a text file, this text file backup to more than one place, so as not to lose. The more secure way to save the private key seeds can be divided into two separate two local text files.


5. To check the exclusive ICO participant address, you must check “I know and have a private key” to view the private address.

Reminder: Do not save the private key seed case, do not check and view the exclusive participation address, leave this interface, you can not view the private key seed again; if the private key seed is lost, do not BTC to the exclusive Address; can be re-generated private key seed and ICO exclusive address, to the new exclusive address into the BTC to participate in ICO (Note: Each IP can only generate 10 exclusive address).


6. Exclusive ICO participation address, to their own exclusive address to BTC, that is, to participate in ICO. After the transfer is not confirmed before the details can only be seen inside, after a confirmation can be seen in the summary.

For example, this tutorial: 1LotaGUmiEtXDDFoqDz5FfpnwP7zN4b2Fu (do not transfer to the address) is generated by the private key corresponding to the ICO seed address, you can directly copy the address for transfer, you can also scan the top left two-dimensional code transfer.


7. After switching to the BTC from the dedicated ICO address, you can check the details of the participation in two places

first,Click once again to participate immediately and enter the private key seed or private address.


Click View to see the current participation


Click to view the details, see detailed participation


Second, click on the participating interface to view the ranking, you can enter the view ranking interface, you can also pull down the bar to the bottom of the ranking interface. Enter the private key seed or the ICO-specific address in the query box to check the participation details.

icoe12 icoe13